2021 Bathroom Trends

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While our area of expertise is in bespoke, high-quality furniture, we need to make sure that we’re always up-to-date with the latest styles and trends. That way, we can ensure that our products are matching the interior design you have in mind with your latest bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom project.

And the best part is that we get to share all of these valuable trends with you! Bathroom trends incorporate some of the most exciting, bold, and memorable styles each year, and 2021 is no different. Thankfully, even in 2021, you can complete the look for plenty of these bathroom trends with our convenient, modern, and top-quality vanity units.

New Metallics

Spicing up your new bathroom with a key focus on the plumbing and taps? Then it would be worth your time paying attention to the new metallics that are hot for 2021.

Bronze is always popular, but 2021 is seeing gold and even nickel metallics emerge into the scene. Dazzle with a new metallic design that will add some class while catching the eye on your bath, shower, or sink.

Block Colours

2020 saw patterns – particularly mosaics – enter the market. There were all kinds of unique patterns, designs, and shapes that involved multiple colours and arrangements on both the wall and floor. This year, block colours are trending instead.

Many interior designers are choosing to be bold with their colour choice and really commit to a strong style. Instead of compromising with a combination of two or even three colours, why not go for it with confidence? Plenty of other people are. Dark blues, pastel pinks, and even sumptuous greens are ever-present.

Get Creative with Grout

Grout is normally known for its functionality – rarely has it been used to add to the design of any bathroom. But in 2021, it’s doing just that.

Designers are getting creative with grout colour options and we’re seeing everything imaginable come to the fore. Often, grout is being used to complement the stronger colours that exist within the bathroom and add a gentler, intricate feel by playing with pastel colours. Other times, dark colours are used to really stress the detail involved in any tiling on both flooring and walls.

Monochrome Makeup

Is there anything more modern than monochrome design? Nothing oozes class quite like a vivid black-and-white monochrome design, and the trend is here to stay with 2021 bathrooms.

We’re seeing all kinds of tiling arrangements, with small, patterned black tiles interspersed with larger white tiles, and even black bathroom suites designed to stand out in a bright and airy bathroom. See if you can create some contrast with eye-catching black-on-white designs.

Vanity Unit Placement

Vanity units are still trending in 2021, and designers are getting creative with how they use them.

This year, vanity units are getting the love they deserve with some extra focus and attention. We’re seeing vanity units that are wall-mounted.

In other bathrooms, we see vanity units that are designed to fit into tight corners, and gorgeous basins with fountain-style taps sitting above them. We can design vanity units to meet any of your requirements, and our top-quality materials come with a guarantee that ensures your vanity unit will last.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Yorkshire-based team today and find out how we can help make your vanity unit ideas become a reality.

Lights On

2021 is the year where lighting arrangements speak for themselves, and simple illuminations are lighting up bathrooms in ways we never thought we’d see.

This year, it’s a good idea to try and make a statement with your lights. Integrate them with mirrors and some of the smaller walls for a gentle yet striking effect, or how about pendants and even chandeliers? Do it right, and your lighting will become a feature in itself this year.