5 Creative Ideas for Your Kids Bedroom

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1. Indoor climbing wall

Whilst it might not be for everyone, it’s a great way to add a feature to your kids wall and give them an extra activity to do. We’re sure this will end with your child being the envy of the class.

It can also be a fairly cheap and easy DIY project, with packs of climbing holds available online for under £30. Here’s an article that could come in use if you were to build your own.

Concerned about not having enough room and having to sacrifice storage? Why not check out some of our cabin beds that boast some incredible storage options?

2. Teepee

Adding a teepee to your child’s room is becoming more fashionable and adds a great section for your child to experience some down time. Most kids teepees are also fairly easy to fold and put away so it doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture which will create more space if further room is needed.

3. Indoor Playhouse

Bring the outdoors inside with this idea! This is a great feature for your child’s room and will give them a great area to play in. This can really help to boost your child’s imagination and they can even turn it into a little sweet shop with the addition of a little till. (Just make sure they don’t take all of your money)

4. Chalkboard paint

Why not paint a wall with chalkboard paint and let your child draw on the walls. This will allow you to have a feature that can grow with your child. What they’re interested in will change and with this they can easily update their room to reflect this.

Remember to remind them to only draw on the one though!

5. Wall Mural

A wall mural such as the one above can add that something extra to your child’s room and even be a little educational. There’s also tonnes of options available so there’s going to be one that fits your child’s room perfectly.