White wooden cabin bed with pull out desk

5 Ways To Maximise Storage In Your Child’s Bedroom

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Your child’s bedroom is their haven, a place to gather their toys, teddies and tales to enjoy some much needed, imaginative playtime. As parents, however, it can quickly become overwhelming, as their many playthings build up over time and you struggle to keep the room neat and tidy.

If you’re looking for ways to organise your child’s possessions, we’ve got a few nifty storage solutions, to help utilise the space as much as possible and to keep the room clean and clutter free.

  1. 1. Bedtime becomes fun with cabin bedsnew1

Storage doesn’t have to simply consist of stacked boxes that can create even more clutter. Our cabin beds are cleverly designed to incorporate storage as part of a much needed piece of your child’s furniture – their bed!

Whether you need a mini cupboard or an extra set of drawers, our cabin beds are bespoke meaning that you get the storage space needed for you. So if they need a space to store their clothes or to tidy away their toys at the end of the day.

Whether you’re buying for a handsome prince or a little princess, our cabin beds come in a variety of different colours. From pastel pinks to soothing blues, your child will enjoy being king or queen of their own castle.

  1. Bunk Bed 32. Add a desk and a space for sleepovers

As they get older, you’ll find that your children will want friends over to stay more often, so why not invest in a bunk bed to make room for guests? Our bunk beds not only have that extra bed for visitors, they also come with additional storage to add to their bedroom.

Take a look at our high beds, for example. They feature a comfortable bed with a built in bedside table on top, paired with a desk and futon underneath. These useful bedroom additions can stay with your child as they grow, providing them with plenty of shelving space to store their things, a place to get creative at the desk, and somewhere to relax with friends with the pull out futon.

  1. 3. A bookshelf can do more than just stack booksKids Bookshelf White

For every time they arrive home with another masterpiece they’ve created at school, a bookshelf offers the perfect place to display it. Dedicate half the space amongst the shelves for their many books, and the other half for these crafty creations.

Opt for neutral colours and tones for your bookshelf and leave the pop of colour to other furniture in the room, such as their bed. This way, you can be sure that the bookshelf can stay throughout any changes you make to the room in the future.

  1. 4. Choose a wardrobe that works with the space you have

Try to prevent a wardrobe in their room from overwhelming the space they have. Your children’s bedroom should allow plenty of room to move around for activities, something that should be considered when picking a wardrobe.

We offer bespoke kids wardrobes which can be made into a size that fits your child’s room.

  1. 5. Some helpful additions to maximise storage

Adding a few savvy storage accessories to go with the furniture is a fantastic way of de-cluttering your child’s room, especially if you’re short on space.

A few coat pegs or hooks added to the walls not only provide a place to hang their coat, they can also be used to hang drawstring bags for footballs or seasonal items. Alternatively, you could fix a magazine organiser to the wall, to keep colouring books tidied away, yet within easy reach for when they are wanted.

If you’re looking for some storage solutions for your children’s bedroom, feel free to browse through our kids furniture collection, or get in touch for helpful advice from our team.