A Guide to Choosing the Right Colour Cabin Bed

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If you’re reading this, then we’ll bet you’re in the middle of renovating your child’s bedroom. No pressure, but it’s important that you get this one right. Once you’ve selected which colour you’d like to paint the walls, you might have considered the flooring. Accessories, furniture, and storage are all important features, but none are more important than the bed.

At Aspenn Furniture, our bespoke cabin beds combine comfort with functionality and storage. Your child will love their cabin bed, and they’ll get the rest they need for growth and recovery at an important stage in their life.

But if you want it to complete the look of the new room, you need to make sure that it’s the right colour and that it’s customised to last. This guide will help you make sure that you get the right colour cabin bed.

How do you choose the right colour?

You probably already know that there’s more to just letting your child pick a colour they like and hoping for the best! The cabin bed you choose has to match the room’s colour scheme. It should fit in with the mood and help your child enjoy their space. There’s a psychological element, plus a feeling of security too.


In more practical terms, you want to make sure that your cabin bed lasts.

At Aspenn Furniture, we have more than 30 years’ experience creating high-quality, durable furniture. All of our furniture is bespoke and handmade in our Yorkshire workshop by skilled craftsmen. We only work with natural wood, sourced from Forestry Stewardship Council managed forests.

With our 20-year guarantee, you don’t have to worry about poor quality cabin beds. As well as being eye-catching and stunning bedroom pieces, they’re built to last, no matter how many times your child changes their mind.


That’s all very good, does that mean that all our beds are safe and boring? Does high-quality mean an uninspiring design? Absolutely not.

Each of our beds can be customised to suit your child’s wishes. You’ll find a huge variation with our cabin beds from desk space all the way to storage and more. With our variety of colours, accessories and designs, you’re sure to find a style that matches your child’s personality.

And, if you don’t, then create your own bed with our Design-a-Bed feature instead.

Making sure it matches

We’ve already mentioned that your new cabin bed needs to fit with the room. With our different colour options and choice of unique natural wood effect finishes, you’ll have plenty to play with.

Not only will the cabin bed work with your newly renovated room, but it will add to the feel of it. You can get creative with the colours and make sure that there’s a constant, fun theme with the right choice of cabin bed.

The wood finish: pine vs oak

When you do choose the colour of your cabin bed, you also need to choose the natural effect wood finish you want to include.

We have two options with our cabin beds: pine and oak. Each of these woods complement your bed beautifully, but they’re very different woods. Pine wood is a softwood, while oak is a hardwood.

Oak tends to be more versatile and offers a long-lasting, sturdy solution. It does however tend to be more expensive than pine wood. Pine wood is still sturdy, but it’s less slightly less durable and more lightweight. That being said, it’s an affordable solution for children’s bedrooms.

If you’re planning to keep your new cabin bed for a considerable time, investing in an oak cabin bed could pay dividends. Otherwise, pine will still create a high-quality, dependable bed frame. At Aspenn Furniture, we have both pine and oak beds to suit your taste.

Cabin bed accessories

Once you and your child have selected a colour and decided on the natural wood finish, it’s time to get creative. You can choose from any of the following accessories when you design your cabin bed:

  • How many drawers you want
  • Drawer location
  • Drawer type
  • Type of front rail
  • Whether you’d like any engraving
  • Design of the front rail
  • Handle style
  • Hinge style
  • Whether you’d like to include shelves

The possibilities are endless. No matter what you’re looking for in your cabin bed, our talented team will be able to produce the high-quality structure you’re looking for.

Get in touch today

Your child’s bed is an important part of their life. It should add to the fun, stylish and practical room that they love to be in. On top of that, it should provide them with the space they need to sleep.

Additional bonuses like space-saving, functionality, cool designs and storage make cabin beds a unique option for your child’s room. Contact our team today and find out how we can help you find the perfect colour cabin bed.