Are Cabin Beds Suitable for Toddlers?

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As your young children grow, so too does the need to replace their existing clothes, toys and furniture, in particular, their sleeping space. Sooner or later, your baby will develop into a toddler and the time will come to move on from their cot.

Providing the right bed to sleep in is crucial for your developing child, not only to give them the right amount of space and comfort, but to keep them safe and sound at the same time. However, with so many choices when it comes to childrens beds, it can be difficult to make a decision on which will meet your toddler’s needs best.

When you’re considering the next step up from a cot, you might consider a cabin bed as a potential option for your toddler to sleep in, but there are a few things to consider before making that all important decision. Here, we offer some information and advice on whether or not a cabin bed might be suitable for your toddler.

What is a cabin bed?

Cabin beds are raised single beds that have enough space below them for shelves, drawers or cupboards, for example. They are higher than the standard single bed and lower than a bunk bed, and they are a fantastic addition for small rooms due to their space saving solutions.

Cabin beds come in many different styles, colours and themes, so there’s definitely a cabin bed for every child. The question is, when should you introduce a cabin bed to your child’s sleeping space?

It all depends on your toddler and their development

Children grow and develop at different rates and the size and capabilities of one toddler at a certain age, will most likely differ to another toddler of the same age. With that in mind, it really is a case by case basis on whether or not a cabin bed is suitable for your toddler.

Not only that, but the term toddler covers an age range where a child’s development is rather fast-paced, so what’s suitable for an older toddler at 3 might not be suitable for a younger toddler who’s a little over a year old.

By understanding your own toddler’s abilities and what stage of development they are at, you’ll have a clearer understanding of whether or not they are ready for a cabin bed. However, we’ve offered up some words of wisdom below that can help you to reach a final decision and help you to choose the type of bed to invest in.

Are they able to get on or off the bed themselves?

A key sign of whether or not a cabin bed is suitable for your toddler is whether they are able to get on or off a cabin bed in a strong and confident manner. There will usually be a small ladder which they will need to climb up or down in order to get in or out of bed.

Cabin beds are higher than other single beds, so you need to be sure that they are capable enough of making their own way in and out of them, for times when you might not be there to help them, such as when you’re asleep in the night.

Older toddlers are much more likely to be ready

As we mentioned earlier, there’s no definite answer as to whether or not a cabin bed is suitable for a toddler – it depends entirely on each individual toddler, their age, size and ability. If you’re still unsure, it’s well worth waiting until they’re a little older before investing in a fun and interesting cabin bed for them.

As cabin bed providers, we speak to many families who are considering a cabin bed for their children, some of them being toddlers. We often advise to wait until they are around 4 or 5 years old before having them sleep in a cabin bed – but at the end of the day, parents are much more aware of their own children’s needs and capabilities.

If you do decide to opt for a cabin bed for your toddler, there’s no doubt that they will thoroughly enjoy this new and exciting piece of furniture, that’s bound to become a key part of their playtime and a fantastic spot for them to re-energise.