Bathroom Trends 2020

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As the current year ends and the next one begins, we always find time to reflect, resolving to create positive change. This is especially true at the beginning of a new decade. Many of us find ourselves turning to projects inside the home, determined to finally complete the tasks at hand.

One of the things you’re likely to have prioritised is the look of your bathroom. Make sure that 2020 is the year you finally get your bathroom looking just right. But before you hire the contractor and rip out the old arrangement, let’s have a look at the hottest bathroom trends for 2020. From brass finishes to deep-soak bathtubs, these are the bathroom designs you can’t afford to ignore.

Pay Attention to Your Bathtub

We seem to focus on tubs every year, but even in the new decade, bathtubs are still a big statement and a key trendsetter in British bathrooms.

We’re sure you can understand why – the bathtub is so often the main focus of the room. It should be the place to relax, unwind, and melt into the warm, soapy water after a long day. It should also be an eye-catching piece, and the trends for 2020 are no different.

Freestanding tubs are in – adding a wonderful sense of space and elevation to any room. The key for 2020 is the placement of the freestanding tub: the simpler the better. Asymmetrical shapes are popular, with deep-soaking tubs a particular standout.

Black ceramics and dark features are also popular for 2020 – you should consider dark, sensual colours instead of the usual bright white for your bathroom ceramics. You might even consider sumptuous dark tiling behind your freestanding, deep-soaking tub.

Go Chic with Features

In previous years, bathroom trends have focused on the super-simple. Those trends are set to continue into 2020, while shifting the mood and tone of the room a little darker.

Integrated lighting is already proving popular, as many designers are finding creative new ways to include backlight and floor light. Lights are being installed above towel racks, around mirrors, and as chandeliers in the centre of the room. When the rest of the room is opaque, light steals the show.

We’ve already mentioned dark bathtubs – powder rooms and showers with dark, elegant features will really add a wow factor.

And that means an attention to detail, adding some inspiration to otherwise boring features within your bathroom. In particular, brass features are hot for 2020. Consider adding a brass finish to any of the metalwork, the sink, or even the plumbing to complete the dark, grey tones and add a luxurious feel.

Give Your Tiles Some Love

Speaking of adding some style to the more standard bathroom features: tiles are finally getting the attention they deserve! Instead of tiling a wall with the sole purpose of protecting it, think about its meaning, its presence in the room.

Supersized tiles are big for 2020 (no pun intended). Their eye-catching arrangement brings life to simple shower cubicles, and there’s still a huge range of tile-styles to choose from.

On the other hand, why not consider partially tiling a wall? That way you can add more interesting decorations and utensils. For instance, a partially tiled wall with paintings, marble decorations, shelving, or even a towel rack, will make the wall far more interesting.

Finally, think about the shape of your tiles. We’re not saying that you need to be excessive and attention-grabbing, but oval, curved tiles will add a bit of excitement to your bathroom in 2020. Waves, and even scallop shapes create a smarter finish than the typical rectangle shape.

Vanity Units Are A Winner

We’re delighted that vanity units are going to be a significant feature in bathroom trends this year. Even though the units have recently been growing in popularity, 2020 will see the designs get sleeker and more exciting.

Many vanity units are becoming eye-catching features, instead of simple storage units. Slim, minimalist pieces are in, and they’re still very practical. Luckily, at Aspenn Furniture, we do a good job of keeping up with the current bathroom trends. We hand-produce bespoke vanity units of every style, colour and size imaginable.

Take a look at our vanity unit range and find the inspiration you need. Why not design your vanity unit with dark, serene colours, and finish the look with a brass handle? We can do all of that for you and more with our bespoke bathroom vanity units – produced on request.

Our units are all designed and manufactured in Yorkshire by our experienced, professional team. Get in touch today  to find out how we can help transform your bathroom and get your decade started with a super-stylish new bathroom you’re going to adore.