Choosing the right bathroom unit for you

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When it comes to our bathrooms we often focus on a beautiful bathtub as the centrepiece. However, the vanity unit has now taken up the top spot on our wish lists. There is no shortage to styles and combos to pique your interest. From the traditional, to the flexible and the modern – there really is something for everyone. So, how do you decide which is the best unit to turn your bathroom into an organised oasis of clam? We have a few ideas to help.

Washstands – This timeless and elegant option offers a cool sense of calm in an all-white bathroom. You could finish off the look of your washstand with a grey marble top with chrome legs. This blends in seamlessly with a vintage-look bathroom and adds a touch of class. This look is ideal for larger bathrooms, as it doesn’t benefit from having a drawer and cupboard space underneath.

Single unit – For most of us one sink in the bathroom is the norm, and there are lots of ways to maximise the space underneath your sink, too. A single vanity unit does the job of keeping bathroom counters clutter-free, and the space can be maximised efficiently. You can create a streamlined aesthetic by opting for wall-mounted taps.

Freestanding unit – A beautifully sculpted vanity unit feels more like a piece of furniture than just a sink or cupboard. With a mounted sink, you have a beautiful freestanding unit that fits in with the elegant surroundings. A cupboard underneath is perfect for hiding all those bits and pieces that often are strewn around the bathroom.

Perching sink – For the ultimate in minimalistic chic, a striking sink perched on top of a simple plinth will add a modern twist on the humdrum bathroom look. For the ultimate minimalist look, why not add a sculptural basin to create an airy and light feel, with a shelf underneath for simple storage.


Storage for children – When it comes to kids there is never enough storage. The family bathroom is usually bursting with just about everything and you’re struggling to keep it all in one place. Trying to squeeze in as much storage space as possible might seem futile, but it can be done. The key is to install a unit with plenty of drawer and cupboard space along the length of a wall. Then a basin can be fitted to the top to create maximum space. The units can be painted with lots of colour – which might encourage a productive tidy-up after bath time!

Sneaky storage – There are plenty of ways to fit in a secret cupboard or wall cubby to create more space in your bathroom. A sizeable vanity unit can create lots of storage. Add deep drawers to fill up with your bathroom products, and add clear handles to keep the look understated. Your bathroom will be tidy in minutes!

Bespoke – If you’re still struggling to decide what is the best fit for your bathroom then consider a bespoke unit. This is the perfect way to design the ideal bathroom that gives you all the storage you need. It can also be custom made to fit your design aesthetic and give your bathroom that unique look, in both style and storage.

Plenty of Colours – Bathrooms often have the basic clean, white look that is devoid of any real colour. Standing out with a splash of colour can add a whole new dimension to your bathroom. Adding bold hues or neutral accents to the colour pallet will brighten up your spirits and shower time endlessly. Try experimenting with bold yellow vanity units in a neutral-toned bathroom. That added pop of colour will bring plenty of sunshine to your bathroom, even on the darkest day.