Current Bathroom Trends

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Renovating any room in your house, especially the bathroom, is a big investment in your time and money, so with that in mind it is always a good idea to do your homework before you start. By creating a budget, general plan and wishlist you are ensuring that you have a clear vision going forwards.

Take a look at the latest bathroom trends and soak up the inspiration!

Natural vibes Woods: purpose designed timber products are popular this year. They bring natural warmth into any space, as well as a much-needed touch of nature. For a striking look try using this material in an unexpected way, like large wooden panels on the wall or as a sink.

Alongside wood there is also natural stones and rock to be explored. Not only could you use these materials on your floors and walls, but also on your vanity tops, sinks, bathtubs, and other feature walls and furniture.

These natural materials and minerals offer a visual and tactile texture that reflects a natural sanctuary.

Metallics Metal has been a major interior trend for the last few years now, and it’s continuing popularity is still evident this year too. Metal offers glamour and it contrasts beautifully with natural materials, reflecting light and injecting style into a room.

Introduce rich metals into your bathroom in the form of fixtures and fittings; bathtubs, sinks, taps, hardware, towel bars, shower rails and accessories.

Cool and calm Cool tones help to create a tranquil environment such as cool blues and emerald greens, paired with crisp white and touches of wood. These elements combined make for a fresh, uplifting atmosphere and can be teamed up with metallic accents and rustic materials for a more edgier, sophisticated look.

Creative tiles Plain, basic tiles are making a comeback as the busy patterns of last year fall into obscurity. Simple, timeless tiles can be laid in unusual patterns to create an interesting, enduring aesthetic. Popular designs include herringbone, basketweave and windmill as they lend themselves to visual drama and chic appeal.

Lovers of colour could splash the patterns with rainbow coloured tiles to lift the featured patterns out of the wall and into the next level.

White White is always a popular look for a bathroom. It’s fresh, contemporary and clean. Use white fixtures for a sleek, pared-down look, or set it against a bold colour backsplash or tiled wall to create something more striking.

Functionality Spatial planning is key for bathroom designers this year. Reflecting a return to modernism and championing the idea that form follows function. Creating a space that is free from clutter and overdone design in favour of clean, practical and streamlined spaces.

Adequate storage is key here. Finding innovative ways to create storage will ensure that your items that are not functional are kept hidden away allowing for a room of quiet contemplation. Vanity units and unique and creative furniture are the perfect way to achieve this.

White double vanity units

Ambience You want a bathroom that is not only functional but also a place to escape to. This can be created by obtaining custom furniture like bespoke vanity units, mood lighting, feature faucets and other key functional elements.

Designers agree that feature furniture and special detailed pieces are luxuries that will become more prominent in bathrooms this year. Expect to see more home décor and small furniture pieces making their way into the bathroom like stools, armchairs, coat racks, poufs, rug-style bath mats and pendant lights.

Handmade Forget about mass-produced aesthetics. Custom bathrooms, with items crafted by hand are what are popular in interior designing. Artisanal pieces are considered beautiful specifically for their uniqueness, their one-off-ness, and their imperfections. They bring rich textures and visual appeal.