How to Budget Your Kids’ Bedroom Renovation

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Decorating your child’s room can be a fun project for both of you. You’ll get the new clean design that you’re looking for, and there can be a lot of laughs along the way too. Hopefully they’ll be thrilled with their new room and they’ll enjoy spending time there.

But renovating your kids’ bedroom isn’t quite as straightforward as other rooms. For a start, there’s more than one designer – your child, as well as yourself – and you’ll have to incorporate both sets of ideas. It’s important that it’s an exciting, colourful display, but you want it to last and to add value too. The budget is also slightly different to other rooms, since children’s furniture is a little different.

In today’s article, we’re going to take a closer look at how to budget your kid’s bedroom renovation. We’ll discuss some of the budget big-hitters and how our team at Aspenn Furniture can help you find the quality-crafted furniture that both you and your child have been looking for.

The Bedroom Budget

It can be hard to know where to begin with a budget for your kids’ bedroom, but it’s important that you have one. Costs can add up quickly and before you know it, your perfect new room could arrive with an eye-watering final bill.

We’ll talk you through some of the most significant features of a child’s bedroom renovation and advise where you’re best to spend the majority of your budget. Everybody works on a different budget, so we’ll try to use a guide which can work for everybody.

The Bed

It’s called a bedroom for a reason! Sure, a bedroom is where your child will play, have fun with their friends, enjoy activities and cause all sorts of trouble. But most importantly, it’s the place where they get the rest and recovery they need at a crucial stage of their life.

For that reason, it’s important that you focus on the bed they’ll be sleeping in. This should take up a good percentage of your bedroom budget. You can change your mind on many bedroom components later, but the bed is normally one of the biggest pieces of furniture and one of the most important.

Although the bed you buy will focus on the quality of sleep that the mattress offers, the full bed package can also be a convenient way to include other items of furniture. Desks, televisions and a huge range of storage options can be combined within the bed in your child’s bedroom.

At Aspenn Furniture, we have a range of bunk beds and cabin beds that will fit your new room perfectly. Our bunk beds combine two single beds, or an elevated bed with a working station and couch below. Cabin beds, on the other hand, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, incorporating ample storage solutions with a comfortable mattress as well. Drawers, wardrobe options and cupboards can be combined with a stylish and fun bed design.

Combining your child’s bed with a storage solution is highly recommended. This eases the pressure on any extra storage you may need and since all of our children’s beds come with a 20-year guarantee, you know they’re going to last – no matter what they get up to!

The Wall Decor

As your child grows older, their taste will too. We’re not saying you have to renovate their room every year, but you can certainly incorporate some designs which are more future-proof than others.

The design of their room can be done on a very low budget, or it can take up a significant percentage. Paint is never cheap, and using multiple colours can see the total quickly add up. Remember that darker colours will be more difficult to change, and will require additional coats of paint if the room is re-purposed in the future.

Wallpaper is another idea for the walls of your child’s room. Wallpaper is easy to apply, cheap and can help to include some big, bold designs. You might even consider only using wallpaper on one wall, and neutral paint colours on others. Other decorations like stickers, murals, and other objects like shelving can really add to the style of the room. Expect to spend around 10-15% or so of your budget on the walls.

The Flooring

Similarly, you’ll need to think about the flooring of your new room. Carpet is a popular bedroom option, but needs to be carefully considered for children’s bedrooms. Spills cause stains and replacing a whole carpet can be expensive. Instead, why not use hard-flooring or vinyl flooring? Rugs can be added for extra warmth where necessary. Again, expect to spend around 10-15% of your budget on the flooring.

Other Budget Options

So once you’ve got the wall, floor and bed sorted, what else could you need? First of all, you’ll need to use some sort of blinds, curtains or shutters for the windows. This is another important feature which could quickly add up, but shouldn’t take up more than 10-15% of the budget.

An even less expensive inclusion is the bedroom lighting. There are many great, yet cheap, creative lighting options out there that are sure to keep both you and your child happy. Further bedroom storage, room for playing and toy bins will take up the rest of your budget.

Your budget really does depend on how elaborate you want the style of your child’s bedroom to be. A simple bedroom design will see the budget reduced, but a super-stylish and elaborate design can end up being a costly project.

No matter what your budget is, your child’s bed will be one of the most important and significant parts of your budget. At Aspenn Furniture, we have beds for every budget, style and colour you could imagine. Contact our Wetherby team today and find out which of our products could dazzle in your newly-renovated room.