How to Maximise Space in a Small Bedroom

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Sometimes, the right bedroom for you at the time happens to be on the smaller side. But not to worry. Just because your bedroom’s small, it doesn’t mean you have to think small. There are so many different ways to optimise the space in your bedroom while keeping it modern and stylish – and that challenge can be a lot of fun.

In today’s article, we’re going to tell you a few different ways that you can maximise the space in any bedroom on the smaller side. Think of everything before you buy, cut down the clutter, don’t ignore any space, and keep it simple. And it doesn’t get much simpler than using Aspenn’s high-quality, bespoke bedroom furniture to really make the most of the space you’ve got.

First, Make the Most of Your Bed Space

Let’s start with the most obvious thing in your bedroom first: your bed. It’s sort-of…in the name, isn’t it? Your bed is one of the biggest and most important features of your bedroom. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the things that takes up the most space as well.

But we’re not suggesting you sleep in the slimmest single bed possible. Instead, stick with the bed size you had in mind, as long as it’s practical. Just learn how to modify the space a little bit.

One of the best ways to maximise the space in a smaller bedroom is to store possessions under your bed. And that doesn’t mean using the cheap, tacky, see-through plastic boxes. Think matching greys, whites, and black storage boxes. They’re unlikely to attract unnecessary attention, and will blend in with the majority of rooms.

Our bespoke beds will fit any room, of any size, in any way you want. And since bed storage is key, we’ll raise your bed, making sure that you have more than enough room underneath it for the stylish storage you have in mind.

Organise Your Wardrobe

As well as looking to create new space in areas that were previously unavailable, it’s important to also make the most of the existing space in your bedroom. And we’re sure there’s plenty of space in your wardrobe that you aren’t using efficiently.

So try to re-organise your wardrobe, and shuffle things around. Are there things inside that you could store elsewhere? What about using a multi-level system?

If any of that sounds like it’s going to be a struggle, then we’ve got your covered there as well. Perhaps you’d like some extra wardrobe space – maybe your wardrobe could fit into a smaller pocket of space, while benefiting from extra height?

Our bespoke wardrobes and cupboards are just what you’re after. Our high-quality and dependable materials will help you maximise every last inch of space, and make sure that no gap goes unused. These units will fit your space perfectly, since you’ve told us exactly what shape and size you want them to be.

Keep the Decorations Stylish…But Add Storage

Are you worried about sacrificing style over storage? When you use our bespoke furniture, you don’t have to compromise.

There are likely to be decorations inside your bedroom that are more artistic than practical. Why not consider adding some storage to them? Instead of installing shelves on your wall, why not use drawers instead? This means that you can still display your favourite pictures and ornaments on the top, while adding storage to the dead space underneath.

Instead of side tables and surfaces, you can add storage with slim chests of drawers as well. Cabinets, dressing tables, and even a chest of drawers – normally deemed surplus to requirements in small bedrooms – can equip you with more storage space than you thought imaginable.

You still get the wow factor with our stylish units, but there’s a more practical benefit too. Our bespoke units are sure to fit into every space and angle you can find, making the most of every corner in your bedroom.

Include Multi-Functional Furniture

Finally, consider using multi-functional furniture in the bedroom. We’ve focused on your bedroom – what if the small bedroom in question is for the little one?

In that case, bespoke cabin beds are a winner every time. Think of it as an advancement on the below-bed storage we mentioned earlier. When you’re maximising the space in a child’s bedroom, you have so many more options.

Once you’ve raised the bed and made it accessible with a stairway or ladder, there’s no limit to what can go underneath. Desks are popular and practical, but you can build fun hang-out areas as well. You might even wish to incorporate some drawers, or a wardrobe too.

You get two-for-one when you use multifunctional furniture in your bedroom, and bespoke furniture is guaranteed to make the most of every centimetre available.

So there are plenty of ways that you can make the most of the space in your small bedroom! Begin by measuring out the space available, then get in touch with our talented team.

Our Aspenn Furniture is crafted furniture that puts quality first. We’ll be able to provide you with plenty of thoughts and ideas about bespoke furniture that keeps your room stylish, practical, and smart.