Storage Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms

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Even if you’re lamenting a crowded wardrobe in your own bedroom, we’ll bet that storage in the little one’s bedroom is a much more pressing issue. No matter how careful you are, it seems that toys, clothes, furniture, and clutter build up in a child’s bedroom quicker than is even possible. And, since you can’t make the space any bigger, you need to figure out a fun and effective way to store everything.

So today, we’re going to look at storage ideas for kids’ bedrooms that are both stylish and efficient. Sure, we could recommend super-practical storage containers, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, we’ve come up with plenty of innovative ideas to add some much-needed storage space to the bedroom, including our bespoke cabin beds, which are one of the most practical solutions of all.

Storage Boxes for Toys

Let’s start with one of the most obvious solutions of all: toy storage boxes. Yes, we just dismissed the boring storage boxes above, but when it comes to toys there’s a huge range of options that are guaranteed to work well within any room.

It begins with a simple and cheap box that can be tucked under the bed. But why not commit to making it a feature of the room instead? Upholstered boxes sit well at the end of the bed and provide more than enough space for toys.

Then there’s the classic toy chest. These striking solutions are available in all sorts of colours and combine well with chests of drawers, bed frames, and more. Why not have a personal message or a name added to the surface? Your children will feel more attached to toys that are stored in a box with their name on it, and (hopefully) more devoted to keeping it tidy.

Organiser systems also work well, but while they’re effective, they’re not quite as easy on the eye.

Make the Most of the Wall Space Available

Let’s shift the focus to the walls within the room instead. Shelves provide you with a great opportunity to get creative and add some life to the room in the process. Whatever size of shelf you install, it’s sure to provide the room with additional space that you never thought was possible. Just make sure they’re installed low enough for your child to reach whatever’s stored there!

You can also add pockets above the bed for handy items that are used every night, or for firm favourites. Hanging nets and hammocks are another fun solution that adds ample space for toys and clothing.

Smart and Compact Bookcases

There’s a reason that bookcases are ever-present. If your child reads as much as possible, the awkward shape and weight of children’s books makes it difficult to store lots of books in normal containers.

There are plenty of options for bookcases, and they can be combined with other pieces of furniture as well. Integrate book-holders within a wardrobe or a storage shelf and add some calm to the area.

Desks for Everything Electronic

Many items of furniture will come and go as your child grows and their taste changes. A desk is not one of those things.

Desks work in just about every room, and create a much-needed study-space for homework and other learning. As traditional toys make way for electronic gadgets and computers, having a suitable place to use a computer screen is essential, and helps to improve back position and posture.

Luckily, desks are also hugely compatible with storage. You can integrate desks with beds, arm them with countless storage shelves and boxes, and store everything electronic (how annoying are all of those cables?) within handy drawers.

Aspenn Furniture’s Bespoke Cabin Beds

But when all is said and done, nothing is better for storage in your kids’ bedroom than cabin beds.

We specialise in creating top-quality cabin beds that combine elegance, comfort, and of course, storage. Shelves, boxes, bookcases, drawers, and even wardrobes can all be integrated into our cabin beds. Your little one will sleep easy in a fun, comfortable bed, while you can sleep easy knowing that their toys and clothes are stored in organised and fashionable furniture.

We’re proud of the furniture we create, and the quality materials we use to create them. Our natural woods – which are sourced from Forestry Stewardship Council managed forests – are sustainable and dependable. So much so that our cabin beds come with a stunning 20-year warranty.

Check out our range of cabin beds at our showroom in nearby Wetherby. Explore your options online, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can even design your own cabin bed to order so that it offers exactly the amount of storage you need it to.

You don’t have to make a choice between functionality and style – with our cabin beds, you can have both.