Vanity Units for Small & Large Bathrooms

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When you enter someone’s bathroom, often clutter can be the first thing you see. It can be off-putting and also make the room appear much smaller than it is. Our buyers’ guide will suggest a few tips and suggestions to get the most from your vanity units regardless of the size of your bathrooms.

Smaller bathrooms

Many newer homes are becoming much smaller and in turn are fitted with smaller bathrooms and toilets. A common misconception for people is that they can not have vanity units in smaller bathrooms. This isn’t correct!

If you have a smaller bathroom then a vanity unit is a great place to conceal your cleaning products, soaps and spare hand towels which would often otherwise be on show. You can utilise the space underneath your sinks with a stylish and compact vanity unit to hide any products in.

You can also use often wasted space under your sinks and corner basins to give your bathrooms a larger feel. Another option is to have floating style vanity units, this can also give a feeling of more space with a designer twist.

Larger Bathrooms

If you are lucky enough to have a larger bathroom then you can choose from some luxurious vanity units. You could opt for a more spa-like feel with sleek glossy units or a softer oak unit.

You may have slightly more options with a larger bathroom with the style of your vanity unit but equally, you will enjoy the spacious feel of having somewhere to store your products and clutter. Most vanity units are made bespoke to every individual which gives you additional freedom to work on a design that will be convenient and look great in your bathroom.