Why a cabin bed with a pull out desk is a great solution for bedrooms limited by space

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grey cabin bed with pull out dresserIf your home is limited in space but your family is growing, you might find it difficult to fit all the essentials into each room, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. The vast majority of us are looking for space-saving solutions that can help our families to live happily and comfortably, without having to make sacrifices.

A child’s bedroom plays a vital role in their development. Not only does it provide them with a comfortable place to sleep and re-energise, it also offers them a space of their own in the home, free for fun, learning and growing as a person. If their room is smaller than average then it’s essential to optimise the space, to allow for this development.

That’s where cabin beds can come in handy, particularly those with a pull out desk. If you’re new to the world of cabin beds, read on to discover more about these innovative sleeping systems and how a cabin bed with a pull out desk could benefit your family home.

What is a cabin bed?

Cabin beds are the perfect investment for smaller homes with children. They can help to utilise as much space as possible in a small bedroom, making room for learning and playing, not to mention other important furniture!

They are raised off the ground, with just a few small steps leading to the mattress space. The area below the actual bed is then designed to include other bedroom essentials, such as wardrobes, drawers, shelves, a hideaway play area or a pull out desk.

Cabin beds are often a fantastic alternative to bunk beds, particularly if the bedroom plays host to just one child. Kids love bunk beds, but if the extra bed isn’t needed, they’ll find cabin beds just as entertaining.

The space-saving benefits of cabin beds with a pull out desk

If you’re won over by the concept of cabin beds, the next step is to decide which of the additional features is best for your child’s bedroom. A pull out desk is one of the more popular choices from the cabin bed range, and for good reason.

The desk can be tucked neatly away when it isn’t in use, which offers as much space as possible for other activities, without a large piece of furniture getting in the way. That way, your child gets the benefit of having a desk in their room for learning and their more creative projects, as well as plenty of space for run around activities.