Why custom vanity units are a popular choice

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Vanity units are a very useful storage facility when fitting a new bathroom. A vanity unit is spacious enough to conceal many toiletries while providing an attractive focal point. It is a favorable alternative to the pedestal and basin because the accumulation of toiletries, such as shampoo bottles and toilet rolls can look cluttered and untidy. With a wide range of standard vanity units available, why are people opting for a custom-built vanity unit?


Supreme quality

A custom-built vanity unit is handmade and therefore is of a superior standard compared with most vanity units. The attention to detail is vast because a custom-built vanity unit is carefully made to fit into a specific space. Imperfections are unlikely because the unit has been sensitively built by hand and any flaws will have been identified and rectified. You can select your preferred sink which can be any shape or size. This sink will rest perfectly within your vanity unit because of the handmade quality of the piece.


Clever use of space

Custom vanity units can be built to any specification. This is helpful because a standard vanity unit does not accommodate for the variation of bathroom sizes. This flexibility is invaluable when furnishing a very small bathroom where a corner may be the only space available to install a unit. The materials can be cut to create a corner unit that is in-keeping with the room and the perfect size. If a standard sink is dwarfed in your sizeable bathroom, you can commission a large vanity unit with a double sink. This option also provides more space for storage as well as additional convenience for your family.


Extensive choice of materials

Bespoke vanity units can be built from a wide range of materials. You can choose from hard or soft woods dependent upon your preference. You may even select a wood or marble top which is waterproof and durable. 30mm marble tops are popular because they are effortlessly stylish and indicative of luxury. People’s preference is often governed by cost. Therefore someone on a bigger budget might opt for a solid oak vanity unit because it is a viable choice. However, a natural wood vanity unit, which can be painted to match a particular colour scheme, is a great value piece of furniture that is timeless.


Attractive design

A handmade vanity unit is highly customisable. You can change many aspects of a bespoke piece including height and width. This is particularly important if the vanity unit is being used by a wheel-chair user or someone with restricted movement. The amount of shelves and the space between them can be determined for optimal usability. A material can be chosen which fulfils your requirements. For example, heavy usage may persuade you to select a marble or hard wood surface which will not blemish easily. You might also choose a specific material because it matches the other bathroom furniture. Some materials can be painted which allows for the creation of a very unique and personal vanity unit which harmonizes with the surrounding space. The finish of the material can also be specified, such as a matte or glossy appearance according to your preference. A handle can completely change the appearance of the piece. Quirky handles will add personality and provide a conversation starter, however elegant handles will signify sophistication. The choice of handle might also be influenced by ease of use because some handles may be more cumbersome to use than others. The customization of a vanity unit ensures that every aspect of the design is verified and approved by you.


Value for money

A standard vanity unit sometimes include aspects of which you are not fond. This might prompt you to incur further cost by replacing the vanity unit more quickly. A custom-built vanity unit is the best value because it is rendered to the exact specifications that you require. It also incorporates the materials and features that are your preferred choice and with which last the test of time.

A custom vanity unit is a worthwhile investment to guarantee high-quality materials as well as a colour and finish which is most favorable to you. This bespoke design will blend seamlessly with other bathroom furnishings or will make a bold statement according to your preference. You will wish that all your guests will want to visit the bathroom, just so you can enjoy the inevitable compliments that this striking piece of bathroom furniture will garner.