Why Should I Choose Bespoke Furniture for My B&B?

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Are you refurbishing one of your existing B&B rooms, or perhaps deciding to turn your dream home into a B&B for others to share? How do you design your B&B rooms to make them unique, comfortable, and stylish?

You’re in the right place. At Aspenn Furniture, we’re the local experts when it comes to producing top-quality bespoke furniture. And we think that our dressing tables, beds, chests, cabinets, and wardrobes are exactly what your B&B bedrooms need. Here’s why bespoke furniture could be the missing piece of your puzzle.

Outstanding Quality and Endurance

All things going well, your B&B should be rather busy. Even for small B&Bs with just a couple of rooms, new guests are always arriving and departing, sometimes staying for one night only. With a high turnaround, it’s important that the furniture in your room is built to last.

Luckily, that’s a particular strength (no pun intended) of bespoke furniture. Handcrafted by skilled technicians, bespoke furniture uses reliable methods and high-quality materials to make an endurable piece that doesn’t compromise on style. Our 10-year guarantee testifies to that.

A Long-Term Investment

Bespoke furniture comes with a higher price tag than mass-produced furniture, there’s no denying that. But each of our pieces is handmade with sustainably sourced, top-quality British wood. Our technicians have spent years mastering their trade, and they put the same love and care into every single piece of furniture that they create.

That’s the quality that you’re paying for. As cliché as it sounds, we all know that ‘when you buy cheap, you buy twice.’ That will never be the case with bespoke furniture. You can expect our top-quality pieces to last for several years. And with the right maintenance and upkeep, bespoke furniture is an investment that could last a lifetime.

Adaptable Trends and Design

Everything we’ve mentioned so far has been so practical, hasn’t it? What about the fun part?

Well, bespoke furniture looks gorgeous as well, and it’s a dream for any interior designer to work with. That’s important when it comes to the themes and the styles of your room. Guests often have favourite rooms and will specifically request to stay in the room they fell in love with – bespoke furniture is a big part of that.

You might have one room that sticks to a particularly ‘cosy’ trend, with plush cushions, dreamy oak wood, and soft lighting. Or how about a more modern room, with dark pine furniture and bright, contrasting colours? Unique rooms are always remembered by guests.

You can achieve any look you want with bespoke pieces and the entire set will be a match. Get all the flexibility you need with the creative freedom that’s sure to make any design work.

Convenient Styles and Fit

Then there’s the convenience of bespoke furniture as well. You can customise the pieces however you like – that’s the beauty of handcrafted furniture that’s made to order.

Looking for a particular wood stain of lacquer? What about handles and hinges that match the room? Perhaps you’d like an extra drawer in the bedside cabinet? Or what about some unique storage in the bed itself? Almost anything is possible.

But the size and fit of our furniture is important too. You might have converted a functional room into a bedroom, so there could be some awkward corners and walls. You’ll find it difficult to use mass-made furniture since it’s usually designed to fit uniform shapes and sizes.

And what about the family rooms? If space is tight, then why not squeeze in a bunkbed? Or how about a cabin bed that gives the little one a play area so that mum and dad have some quiet?

Again, this is where bespoke furniture comes in. Measure the exact dimensions you’re after, and our talented team will take care of the rest. You’ll get a piece that’s a perfect fit, and customisable quality that you won’t find anywhere else.

Quality Furniture with Aspenn

Get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help with your B&B refurbishment. Our handcrafted quality is sure to make your accommodation stand out in a competitive market, you’ll be seeing return guests in no time at all.