Why your guest house needs quality furniture

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Updating the furniture in your guest house can be one of the biggest expenses that your business will go through and many choose to go with the cheaper options. We’re advocates for quality furniture and here are some reasons why you should choose quality furniture over cheaper alternatives.

High Levels of Use

Your guest house is likely to see visitors coming and going on a regular basis which can lead to higher than usual usage of your furniture which can lead to more wear and tear. It’s therefore important that you get furniture that can handle this and that can repaired if it ever gets damaged.

Sometimes this makes it seem like a better idea to get cheaper furniture, but this can end up being a false economy, as this is furniture is likely to last a lot shorter time and would likely need to be replaced if damages meaning that it will actually end up costing you more in the long run.

If you value your time and money, it makes a lot of sense to invest a little extra money in the first place, to fill your guest house will high quality furniture that is bound to last for many years.

Invest in a guarantee

Cheaper alternatives are a very attractive option at first, but you’ll find that more often than not, they don’t come with the same guarantees that higher priced manufacturers provide. If you invest in the more quality furniture, you’ll usually be provided with repair or replacement services included in the price, in the unlikely event of the furniture becoming broken or damaged.

These guarantees show the pride and faith that these providers have in their product, a sign that you can trust the quality finish they are offering with their furniture.

At Aspenn we offer a 20 year structural guarantee on all our furniture, proving that we’re confident in the quality of our furniture.

Enjoy higher rates with a better finish

We understand that it can seem a little daunting to pay out a large sum of money on furniture that you will barely use yourself, if ever. However, comfortable, high-quality furniture will enable you to charge higher rates for a stay at your guest house, which will provide you with a much better return on investment than cheaper alternatives would.

Your guests will enjoy the level of comfort that comes from the high quality furniture you have provided. Encourage online reviews from your happy guests and over time, you will be able to slowly increase the rates on your guest house to make up for the money initially spent on furniture.

Benefit from repeat bookings

If you can provide a comfortable and pleasant experience from a stay at your guest house, you’ll find that a good amount of your visitors will want to return for another stay in the future.

The furniture you provide will make a big impact on the quality of your guests’ stay. As such,  choosing whether to scrimp with cheap furniture or make that initial big spend on high quality items, could be the difference between one-off visitors or loyal guests that you see returning time and time again.

You’ll soon discover that choosing to invest in premium, high quality furniture will not only save you money in the long run, but could even bring plenty more in from happy, comfortable guests that stay at your well-furnished guest house.