Made In Yorkshire Solid Oak Dining Table 5’x3’
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Good morning Hannah! Thank you again for the wonderful service and great furniture!! Ben and Lewis were very courteous and friendly,  it was very nice to meet them! Again thanks for everything… Kind regards

Clare S

Bespoke Living & Dining Room Furniture

Solid Oak Dining Table 5’x3’

£795 - Chairs £230 each

A quality dining space for family meals and entertaining alike, this table makes a statement by exhibiting the Oak’s beautiful natural grain. As shown in the photo, the table comfortably accommodates four chairs. The wood has been oiled to give a water resistant finish for practicality.

  • Exhibits Natural Qualities of the Wood
  • Traditional Design
  • Complements a Variety of Interior Decors
  • Sturdier Than Flimsy High Street Alternatives