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Solid Oak Vanity Unit With Dreamy Marble Top


This stunning solid oak vanity unit has been oiled to give a stunning natural shine. Custom built to 1300w x 600d this allows for two cupboards to create extra space under the sink for your bathroom amenities. Topped with the dreamy marble top and finished off with top-polished chrome knobs this vanity unit looks stunning and we are happy that the customer loves it.

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We can design a completely custom vanity unit to fit the space, look and feel you require. All of our vanity units are hand made in Yorkshire and delivered personally to your home by us.

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Solid Oak Vanity Unit With Dreamy Marble Top

All of our vanity units are available with the below top options:

Pine Pine Solid Oak Solid Oak Black Granite Marble Black Granite Marble Carrara Marble Carrara Marble Crema Marfil Marble Crema Marfil Marble Emperador Marble Emperador Marble Sandstone Marble Sandstone Marble Steel Grey Marble Steel Grey Marble

Choose your finish! Painted, Oiled (Oak Only) or Stained!

Made In Yorkshire