4 Reasons Why You Need a Double Vanity Unit

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Have you ever experienced the morning rush? Frantically rushing round the house to make sure your not late for work or to make sure your kids get to school on time, just to find that the bathroom sink is occupied stopping you in your tracks. As a spouse or parent you’ll know all too well that this is a lot more common than it should be.

For those of you who have taken the bold decision to remodel your bathroom space, or for those first-timers deciding on the bathroom of their dreams, the age old debate certainly is an important one… “Should we go with the double or single vanity unit?”

Well as simple as it may seem, many are divided on the pros and cons of either, as the bathroom forms such an integral part of modern life. In order to simplify this choice, below are listed 4 simple, yet important reasons why you may be in desperate need of a double vanity unit.

1. Who has the time?

No doubt if you are currently sharing or have shared a bathroom with anyone, be it your spouse, kids, parents or house guest in a bathroom with a single unit or sink, then you have probably at some point ended up playing musical chairs with the sink while trying desperately to get ready for that early morning appointment. With a double unit, boasting two sinks, this issue is taken away, as there’s enough space for you and your spouse to get ready without having to fight for that all important space.

2. All that extra storage space

Getting all your necessary ‘bits and bobs’ into your bathroom without having it look like a nuclear fallout shelter can be quite hard to do and is definitely harder to maintain. A double vanity unit can take care of much of that, by simply providing you with oodles of extra storage space for your towels, bath robes and whatever else may need to be shelved from time to time.

3. Elegance and luxury

Quite simply put, having a double vanity unit provides your bathroom with a soft sense of elegance and comfort, which surely everyone would like, be it during their daily routine times or during some much needed relaxation after a long day at the office. Additionally this sense of luxury will not be lost on a prospective homeowner if you were to consider putting your home on the market.

4. More for your money

Although double vanity units on their own cost more than single units, having more storage and counter space can eliminate the need for extra shelves, cabinets and other such furnishings.

Well, now that some of the guesswork is taken out of your remodelling decision, you have more time for important decisions, like what colour scheme to go with, which tap and bath designs to settle on, and where should we keep the toothbrush holder?