5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Cabin Bed For Your Child

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Many families are faced with the question of how to cater to a growing child’s needs. As your kids develop, so too does their need for more of their own space, as well as what should be within that space. From the toys, books and activities on offer, to the colour schemes and themes surrounding them, providing the right space for your child plays a vital role in their development.

Cabin beds can offer a tremendous number of benefits in boosting your child’s own space, not only from their point of view but from yours, too. Here are just a select few reasons for why you should think about investing in a cabin bed for your child – you’ll soon see that these types of beds are just as beneficial to you and your home, as they are to your little one.

1. Cabin beds offer terrific storage & space-saving solutions

No matter whether you opt for a cabin bed with cupboards and drawers, a dedicated play space, or even a desk and shelves underneath, they provide fantastic storage and space-saving solutions with your child’s room. It doesn’t really matter how large or small their bedroom is, as long as you’re giving them plenty of room to grow and develop, with a variety toys and learning tools to help them do so.

The space-saving benefits of a cabin bed will keep plenty of space free for just that. If there’s not much space within the room, think about buying a cabin bed with cupboards, shelves and drawers installed, to leave the rest of the room free for fun and games.

If the room is jam-packed with cupboards and other pieces of furniture, a cabin bed with a covered play space underneath will give your children that much-needed room to enjoy some imaginative playtime. Whereas if your child is an arts and crafts, or if they need space to complete their homework, a cabin bed equipped with a desk will be perfect for them, and you won’t have to cut into the rest of the space within the room to provide this.

2. Bespoke cabin beds – made to fit the room’s space

Although there are many standard sized cabin beds available on the market, we offer bespoke cabin beds which are made to measure and designed to fit your child’s room perfectly.

With a bespoke cabin bed, you’ll be able to make the bed fit in the right space, whilst utilising the space in the best way possible. In some cases, this isn’t possible with a standard sized cabin bed, and you may end up losing some valuable chunks of space that could have been made use of in one way or another. This is especially true in a smaller bedroom, or in rooms with a unique shape.

3. Tailored to suit your child’s tastes

If your child loves a certain cartoon character, animal, theme or colour, you’re able to introduce that into their bedroom through a bespoke cabin bed. We are able to create a cabin bed that’s unique to your own child’s tastes and what makes them happiest in their daily lives. A themed cabin bed is much more likely to help them grow and develop their personality, than a standard bed with little to no creative influence.

Going back to what was mentioned earlier, you can also tailor their bespoke cabin bed to suit their own hobbies. If they enjoy drawing or colouring, provide them with a desk to do just that, whereas if they love playing dress up, an integrated wardrobe is the perfect place to store all of their outfits.

4. Cabin beds can adapt as your child’s needs change

As your child gets older, their needs might change slightly and a cabin bed can certainly cater to that. As cabin beds tend to come as mid or high sleepers, there’s plenty of room beneath them that can be adapted as your child does.

What was once a large play space could eventually be used for storage, for a spare bed, or even as a gaming space in time. Thanks to the fact that cabin beds are situated off the ground, there’s plenty of room to change and adapt the space below it, to give your child the best tools and resources as they grow, up until the point where they outgrow the cabin bed.

5. Boost your child’s playtime and imagination

Every parent would agree that it’s vital to work on developing a child’s imagination and personality from an early age, something which playtime can help with significantly. By investing in a personalised cabin bed that’s tailored to your child’s own likes and personality, you can help to boost their hours of playtime and build on their imagination. A cabin bed is much more than just a place for your child to sleep; it can play a huge role in the hours that they are awake and will play a small part in their early years of development.

Rather than buying a bed as simply a place for your child to sleep, why not invest in a bed that can offer so much more to them and to your home. Feel free to get in touch with us, for more information on our bespoke cabin beds, or to book a consultation with one of our team members.