5 Ways To Transform Your Child’s Bedroom In 2019

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If you’re planning on making some home improvements in 2019, don’t forget to consider your child’s room during your planning. Children grow and develop at a fast rate, so it’s important to adjust their space to continually cater for their needs.

To offer some helpful advice and inspiration, we’ve suggested 5 ways in which you can transform your child’s bedroom this year, all within this guide. Find out how you could begin to make changes to your child’s bedroom that they will love.

1. Consider investing in a cabin bed

A cabin bed is perfect for children of many ages and personalities. They can stay with your child from a young age and up until they’re nearly in their teens, when they might need something larger. Cabin beds are available in various shapes, sizes, themes and colours – you also have the option to choose what sits underneath the bed itself, from wardrobes and drawers, to a desk or a play area, for example.

With so much variety, you’ll be able to find a cabin bed that’s perfect for your child’s room and their own interests. They’re a brilliant investment for space saving and for developing a more creative space for them.

2. Use calming colours

Whilst a child’s bedroom should be filled with toys and anything else that enables them to get creative, it should also provide a calming space to sleep soundly in at night. You can provide this by simply introducing a calming colour scheme to the room.

Pastel or neutral colours are perfect additions for a calming bedroom and will soothe your child into a peaceful night’s sleep, even after enjoying a fun-filled playtime with their many toys and accessories.

3. Base everything around their personality

As your child grows and develops, you’ll slowly begin to see their own unique personality shine through. Their bedroom should complement their personality and work with it, to encourage them to continue growing into a thriving young person.

If they’re active and energetic, make sure there’s plenty of space within the room for them to move about and burn all that energy off. If they’re calm and collected, give them a comfortable space to relax, read and simply enjoy their free time. Imaginative children should have bedrooms bursting with additions that will help their creativity shine through. Think about your child and their own unique personality, and transform their room into a space that’s perfect for them.

4. Even a child’s room needs to have some order

Just like us adults, children will have a much better night’s sleep when their surroundings are organised and far from cluttered. However, that doesn’t mean having to limit the amount of toys, books and games they have. Find the balance between the various toys and trinkets in the room and creating an organised space that will help them to sleep well at night.

Introduce plenty of space saving or savvy storage solutions within the room. From quirky baskets to space-saving shelving, there are many ways to transform your child’s room, that will help you to clear it up at the end of the day and tuck your child in for a peaceful night’s sleep.

5. Out with the old and in with the new

Before you think about adding any new additions to your child’s bedroom, it’s well worth having a clear out to begin with. Work your way through their wardrobes, toy boxes and drawers, to find any items that are no longer needed. This should help to free up some space to introduce shiny new additions that will help to transform your child’s bedroom in the new year. You don’t want to begin by adding more stuff, when a quick and simple clear out at the start will work wonders for your plans.

If you have recently carried out some improvements to your own child’s bedroom, feel free to share your own suggestions with other readers! Your words of wisdom, along with our top 5 tips, will certainly come in handy for anyone looking to spruce up their child’s room this year.