Bedroom Decor Trends 2021

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It’s been a year already! We figured that since you enjoyed reading about the hottest styles, trends, and must-haves for 2020, then you’d love to hear all about 2021’s up-and-coming bedroom layouts. Since the days are getting darker and we’re spending more and more time in our bedrooms, a little interior inspiration never does any harm.

And these new trends aren’t necessarily ‘out with the old and in with the new’ either. There’s always a way to add new life to a favourite old piece of furniture, and styles that are so popular they spill over into the next year. Remember that whatever you’re planning to do with your new bedroom, our creative Aspenn team has all the quality, bespoke furniture you might need.

Sustainable Trends

2020 was the year when sustainable decor and inspiration really started to gather pace, and it looks like that theme is going to be even stronger in 2021. There’s a greater need than ever before to ensure that you’re considering sustainability when you redecorate and that you purchase from responsible companies.

Thankfully, we’re well ahead of the trend. We only use materials that have been responsibly sourced from local Yorkshire-based providers. Our natural wood, pine, solid oak, and maple furniture is built to last as well, so you won’t be wasting the quality materials any time soon – especially when they all come with a 20-year structural guarantee.

You’ll be pleased to hear that this doesn’t make decor boring. Far from it. Instead, the themes of nature and natural elements are ‘in’ for 2021, and it doesn’t get more rustic than a perfectly formed, stylishly finished wooden bedroom collection.

Hello, Headboards

Upholstered headboards are an unusual bedroom decor trend for 2021 but, when you think about it, headboards have been badly ignored for too long.

We can’t do the upholstering ourselves, but we’re more than capable of creating the perfect wooden headboard that you can pimp up afterwards. You’ll get the structure and solidity of a wooden headboard, with the cosiness of the upholstery to boot.

The Classic Look

The Classic look is making a comeback in 2021 – but it’s far from dated. Instead of immediately remembering your last hotel room that needed some TLC, think of the comfort of a classic design with some sharp modern fusion.

It begins with a large bed (which we believe should be the focus of every bedroom anyway). Why not try some dark, moody colours for the bed frame and the bedside cabinets that you can complement with a bright, clean finish? The natural colours from a few succulents only add to the classic look, and you’ll be incorporating some nature at the same time.

Turn your attention to the en-suite and the classic look can continue in there too. Vanity units radiate style and class, and they come with a whole host of handy storage options as well.

How About Minimalism Instead?

It’s probably the opposite of the classic look, but it seems that minimalism is here to stay for another year. We know that you’re already thinking of super-Scandi, bare bedrooms that naturally draw your attention to wooden features. Why not add a maple chest of drawers and make it a standout in the bedroom? Or is it time for the dressing table you’ve always dreamed of, with a gorgeous wood stain finish? We’ll even design the hinges and the handles to match.

Whatever you decide to incorporate into your minimalist bedroom, we can create bespoke furniture to fit. Light, soft colours can complement darker tones, and straight lines keep everything razor sharp.

Keep it Calm and Cosy

Another 2021 trend we’re hearing a lot about is the cosy bedroom idea, and we’re really excited to see how it develops. For those of us that can’t afford the contemporary, super-modern (and super-expensive) styles, this is a welcome change of pace. And it couldn’t be simpler!

We like the lush, warm, and playful rooms that ooze relaxation and chilled vibes. Try to incorporate some light pink or even a gentle pistachio to create some harmony with the natural wooden furniture. Make sure you get plenty of warm light in the room and some soft tones that make you want to curl up underneath the covers.

Quality Crafted Furniture

We could go on and on! But thankfully there’s a word limit, and this is probably enough to get you started with some ideas for your 2021 bedroom decoration anyway.

Whatever idea you have in mind, speak to us about what you’d like to incorporate. For bespoke beds, wardrobes, chests, cabinets, and even dressing tables, we’re more than happy to build them exactly as you’d like.

For advice on how to make any of your dream bedrooms come true, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. For top-quality furniture with a pulse on modern trends, we’re the experts you should call.