4 Drawer Kids Cabin Beds Royal Blue & White

Creating the Perfect Environment For Your Child: Choose a Bed with Personality

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Have you ever wished you could wave a magic wand and make your child’s bedroom bigger, more fun and more imaginative… not to mention tidier? Well, at Aspenn, we don’t yet sell magic wands, but we do have the next best thing – a huge range of beautiful cabin beds which will work all kinds of wonders for your child’s room.

Maximise Your Child’s Space

By choosing an Aspenn cabin bed for your child, you’re instantly increasing the amount of floor space available for the fun things in life. Cabin beds are wonderful storage solutions and a great help in teaching children to keep their rooms tidy too. The beds in our range have either three or four drawers and masses of under-bed storage space accessed via cupboard doors. This space extends the entire length of the bed and behind the draw casing and can be used for all sorts of long term storage. The four drawer beds are even high enough up off the ground to allow the under-bed space to be used as a wardrobe and these beds incorporate a wardrobe rail.

Set Your Child’s Imagination Free

4 Drawer Kids Cabin Beds Royal Blue & WhiteAt Aspenn, we understand that a child’s bed is never just a bed. It’s a castle, a ship, an island or a mountain, or whatever your child wants it to be! Cabin beds are perfect for letting loose a child’s imagination. Children will adore climbing up the steps into their own little world, making bedtimes a pleasure and playtimes so much more fun than with a normal bed. Our design features, such as the choice of cut-out shapes in the guard rail, which can help to create the perfect fantasy bed for your little one. Children also adore the notion of having their own storage areas so close to where they sleep as many kids like to store their most treasured possessions in the drawers, or use the cupboard/under-bed space as a den. Your Aspenn kids cabin bed can be exactly what you and your child want it to be!

Make Room for Creativity and Study

Some of the kids cabin beds in our range have built in shelving at the end of the bed, or a pull out desk with its own drawers. Children love to use the shelves for their favourite books or art supplies. Of course, the desk is useful for homework but also for painting, drawing and any kind of craft work, offering your child a dedicated space like this for their creativity and study is known to be very beneficial psychologically and will allow your child the freedom to grow and to learn.

Choose Colours and Finishes to Suit

Colour psychology is just as important for kids as it can be for adults and luckily, our cabin beds come in a wide range of colours to help you create the perfect mood your child’s room. If you don’t find the exact type of bed you’re looking for, our design a bed features will allow you to choose combinations of colours, drawers, handles and finishes that you want, and we’re always on hand to advise if you’d like some help with your choices.

We can also build bespoke beds to your size requirements, or to accommodate radiators, stairwells or other difficult spaces. Whatever the size and shape of your child’s bedroom, we can make a bed to suit it perfectly. Have a look at our range today and see how our cabin beds could transform your child’s room into somewhere truly special. Questions? Give us a call on 01937 843386