Some of our Favourite Countertop Sink Designs

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Not only do our bespoke vanity units create an attractive focal point to your bathroom, they can also play host to a stunning countertop sink. By pairing our quality vanity units with a stylish countertop basin, you’ll be investing in a bathroom addition that’s functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Countertop sinks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles, and the one you should choose will depend entirely on your own home style, your taste and your budget.

Find out more about countertop sinks and how they compare to inset basins and undercounter basins.

Many of our previous customers have finished their bespoke vanity unit with a countertop basin, to create a truly unique touch to their bathroom. So, if you’re looking for a little inspiration on which style of countertop sink to opt for with your own vanity unit, take a look at our top picks below, as well as how to get the look for your own home.

Big and bold

We especially love this big and bold countertop sink that has been paired with a modern white vanity unit here. Style was certainly a priority when it came to creating this bathroom addition, and style is exactly what was achieved. The large, curved and smooth countertop sinks sits beautifully on the contrasting dark emperador marble top beneath. What’s more, the chrome tap and unit handles complement the sleek and sophisticated pairing, without drawing attention away from the focal points.

Pairings such as this work well in a contemporary style home, where simplicity is key and where a mixture of dark and light neutral shades are used throughout. If you’re looking to create a similar look to this, take a look at some of our white vanity units, which can be made to size and with your choice of marble or wooden tops. Opt for a large, white rectangular countertop sink with a slight curve to its depths. The sink should fill the majority of the surface’s space, to make as much of an impact as possible.

Crisp and clean

This light and airy pairing is a fantastic way to create a bright and calming atmosphere to a bathroom. White upon white upon white works so well, especially when the other pieces of bathroom furniture are white, along with its decor and accessories. A completely white bathroom makes the space feel bigger, so it’s certainly a favourable option for smaller bathrooms.

That being said a white countertop sink and vanity unit pairing can work perfectly in almost any bathroom, as it won’t contrast with any colours already there, and you can choose to draw as much or as little attention to it as you would like to.

This white vanity unit is a popular choice with our customers, thanks to its ability to work with various bathroom styles. Paired with a white marble top and medium countertop sink, together they will create a gorgeous addition to any bathroom, adding style and adding to the relaxing atmosphere.

Pavilion perfection

Here we have a lovely looking vanity unit painted in pavilion grey, that’s been topped with white carrara marble and paired with a simple square countertop sink. We love this pairing because it’s the vanity unit itself which draws the attention, with the subtle countertop sink adding to an already fabulous appearance.

A pavilion grey vanity unit like this would work well in both contemporary homes and more traditional homes, too. The simple yet stylish countertop sink doesn’t lean too much towards a modern or traditional feel, so it would sit comfortably in a home of either style. Better yet, you could easy install ultra modern taps or incredibly traditional taps, and the sink would look fabulous with either!

If you’re investing in a vanity unit and would like it to remain the focal point of your new bathroom addition, we would recommend opting for a countertop sink similar to this one. It’s attractive but it won’t overpower the style of the vanity unit, and it’s small enough to reveal some of the stunning marble top that it sits upon.

Subtle and stylish

We understand that some homeowners would prefer for their bespoke vanity unit to take a backseat when its comes to the striking focal points of their bathroom. With that in mind, this traditionally styled vanity unit sits politely in the corner of the bathroom with its countertop sink pairing, blending in nicely with its surroundings.

Of course, just because it isn’t the main attraction of the bathroom, doesn’t mean that it can’t still look stunning. This vanity unit and countertop sink adds a little more style to the bathroom in a subtle way, which is what we really love about it. The curves of the small countertop sink mimic the curves of the bath, whilst the white marble top brings together the grey bathroom walls with the white bathroom furniture.

If you’re looking for a subtle yet stylish addition to your home, make sure the colours of your vanity unit and countertop sink work well with the rest of the bathroom, and double check that they will both fit neatly in a small space in the sidelines so that they don’t draw too much attention to them.

Traditional and on trend

There are various different ways to maintain a traditional style home, all whilst keeping it perfectly on trend at the same time – something which this vanity unit and countertop sink pairing can help you to achieve. We adore how the crisp white countertop sink contrasts perfectly with the bright gold traditional taps and the drawing room blue unit.

A deep blue vanity unit is a beautiful addition to any traditional bathroom, especially one with classic white tiling such as this one here. The white marble top adds a lovely addition, without distracting the eye away from the gorgeous blues and golds. What’s more, the long shallow countertop sink is absolute perfection on top of everything else, creating a classic and sophisticated appearance that’s worthy of the bathroom’s focal point.

To create this beautifully traditional vanity unit and countertop sink pairing, make sure to opt for a simple and stylish sink that won’t overpower the essence of the deep colours used within the vanity unit and ornate taps.

Here we’ve highlighted just a few of our favourite ways to use countertop sinks with our lovely bespoke vanity units. We would love to see more of these fantastic pairings, so feel free to share your own vanity unit investments with us!