Vanity Unit Accessories

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Our Aspenn team fully understands the importance of creating high-quality parts that ooze style and elegance. As well as building bedroom furniture, kids’ furniture, and dining room furniture, we also build bespoke vanity units that add a touch of class to any bathroom.

Vanity units are practical additions to your wash room. They add to the atmosphere of the room, tidy up a distracting corner, and bring unmatchable functionality as well. However, problems arise when you try to buy a vanity unit off-the-shelf. Unfortunately, many of these units are designed for very specific purposes and come in a limited range of colours and styles.

Our bespoke Aspenn vanity units can be customised in almost any way imaginable, and that includes the many different accessories as well. Here are just a few different ways you can customise our vanity unit accessories to build the furniture you’re looking for.

Different Vanity Unit Accessories

There are very few limits when it comes to modifying the accessories on your bespoke vanity unit! Our experienced team are happy to listen to your thoughts and suggestions, and come up with a solution that will add the wow factor you’re looking for.

The Handles

The first accessory that many buyers want to customise is the vanity unit handle. This may seem like a trivial detail, but believe us when we tell you how important it can be – the vanity unit handles should marry the rest of the room.

Do you have bronze finishes in your bathroom? Or is silver and chrome more prevalent? Match the handles with the rest of the room. You can opt for T-bar handles, knobs, and even bar pulls. Choose whatever style you want, the design you want, and the exact way you want them fitted to the doors of your vanity unit.

Gorgeous Finishes

Your brand-new unit can be finished with a range of colours tones as well. This accessory is slightly easier to narrow down, and should synchronise with the colour scheme within your bathroom. Grey, oak, navy blue, cream, and green are some of the most popular solid colour finishes.

If you decide that a natural wood finish is what you’re looking for, then you can also choose to finish the unit with an authentic wood décor.

Height, Width, and Accessibility

And while we’re discussing the finish of your vanity unit, what about its dimensions? What about the accessibility to the storage underneath? These accessories are fully customisable as well.

First of all, you can select the dimensions of your cabinet. While there’s, understandably, a limit to how tall and wide your cabinet can be (head-height sinks, anyone?), it can still be customised to suit your bathroom. You may be looking for a low, super-wide unit with lots of surface space. On the other hand, a tall and slim unit (which is more compact) might work out better.

And then there are the cupboard doors as well. Do you want one door? Two? And how should they meet when they’re closed?

A Range of Sinks

Of course, there are countless sink accessories and different types of sink as well. We won’t go into too much detail regarding the plumbing, as this is something that should match the rest of the bathroom.

But you can choose to fully customise the sink on your vanity unit as well. Are you looking to buy a unit with a particularly deep basin? What about a corner basin that would suit a vanity unit installed in the corner?

We build units with countertop basins and overlay sinks as well. You can accessorise your sink in several different ways, all the way from the tap features to the finish and the type of bowl.

Counter Material

Another one of the more obvious accessories on your vanity unit is the counter material. While it’s important that you select a material that fits in with the rest of your bathroom, it’s also important that you choose something practical here.

The material needs to be waterproof or, at least resistant to high levels of moisture. We offer both marble tops and oak tops, both of which are waterproof, luxurious, and long-lasting.

What Are the Advantages of Buying Bespoke Furniture?

Buying a bespoke vanity unit pays for itself: our high-quality units last for a very long time; they’re highly customisable; it will fit perfectly within the dimensions of your bathroom; you won’t find another one like it.

Bespoke vanity units are a worthwhile investment – especially when you build them exactly to your tastes and requirements.

Get in touch with our team of experts today and find out more about how we can help you design and build the exact unit you have in mind.