What Are the Best Cabin Bed Accessories?

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So, you’ve decided that a cabin bed will be a great addition to the little one’s bedroom – excellent thinking! But before you measure out your dimensions and select your favourite colours and designs for our talented craftsmen to work on, you’ll need to think about how your new bespoke cabin bed fits in with the rest of the room.

Does it match the style of the room? Is there enough storage to work with? And how functional is the rest of the room in comparison? If you’re struggling with any of those questions, then cabin bed accessories will solve that headache for you.

That being the case, here are six of the best cabin bed accessories to complement your new Aspenn Furniture Cabin Bed.


Let’s start with one of the most obvious cabin bed accessories: ladders. With many of our cabin bed designs, we leave access up to you. Our bespoke cabin beds normally include steps that help children get up and into bed.

However, for something more flash and fun, you might consider adding a small ladder to the setup. This can be a permanent addition, or something which is removed during the day to create more space for activities in the bedroom.

Reading Lamps

Reading lamps are a must in bedrooms – especially in children’s rooms. But how do you get a lamp up to the same level as the elevated mattress? There’s no bedside cabinet up there, is there?

That’s where wall lamps come in. Add a cool bronze or metallic wall lamp for a durable, highly practical reading light. And if that light has a flexible neck, night-time reading will never be an issue.


Our bespoke cabin beds feature plenty of storage options. Chests of drawers and even mini wardrobes can be incorporated into the base of the bed. All of our bespoke cabin beds are made to order, and yours will be no different.

But what about storage and accessibility at bed height? We love adding simple, minimalist-style shelving above the bed. This allows your little one to store their favourite things at bed height, without having to jump up and down those ladders all the time. Just be sure there are no sharp corners on the shelves.

Bed Pockets and Organisers

We also love bed pockets, also known as bed organisers. When it comes to cabin beds, these functional pockets are essential. They can be accessed from either floor height or bed height, and all of their favourite soft toys and games can be stored within them.

Not only that, bed organisers come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, to ensure that there’s a match for every style of cabin bed and every room design imaginable. Just hang your pockets over the bed barrier and you’ll have added a smart storage option with little compromise.

Coat Hangers and Hooks

Coat hangers and hooks follow a similar idea. But since you’re likely to be storing jackets, clothing, and other larger items, it’s unlikely that you’ll be storing them and then using them every few minutes (like you will with the pocket organisers).

Instead, coat hangers and hooks can drape over the bottom of the bed. This leaves plenty of space for your pocket organisers, and means that you’ve added valuable jacket and clothing storage without creating an ugly distraction within the room.

Fairy Lights

Something a little more fun! Fairy lights are easy, exciting accessories to add to your little one’s cabin bed to add a bit of life at night. Again, fairy lights are available in all sorts of colours, shapes, and sizes.

Instead of using a boring corner lamp, install a fun arrangement of fairy lights that use different sequences and colours. When the sun goes down, the fairy lights will keep the monsters under the bed away – that’s for certain. Just be sure to staple down the lights so that there is no excess, loose wiring.

Bespoke Cabin Beds with Aspenn Furniture

It’s in the name – our bespoke cabin beds are made to order. Whatever accessories you have in mind, our talented team can come up with a design to make the room pop. You’ll get ample storage, super-cool style, and our 25-year guarantee of cabin bed quality as well.

Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you get the cabin bed that matches all of your little one’s favourite accessories.