Which sink material is best?

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You might think that choosing a bathroom sink would be quite simple, but there are so many things to think about when looking for the perfect new addition to your home. From choosing between traditional and contemporary styles, through to comparing the pros and cons of separate taps and mixer taps, each of the components together create a standout sink that you will want in your home above any other.

Another important aspect of your new bathroom sink is the material it is made out of. There’s a variety of different popular materials on offer, each with their own advantages and potential drawbacks. It all depends on your individual style and budget, as well as your own lifestyle tendencies, too.

Before rushing into investing in a new bathroom sink read our guide to the different popular sink materials on offer and what each of them could bring to your home.

Porcelain bathroom sinks

Porcelain sinks, sometime referred to as ceramic sinks, are possibly the most popular choice for bathroom sinks amongst homeowners. Made using a combination of clay, metal and glass, this material is very good at preventing any leaks, due to its low moisture absorbency.

The clean, crisp white appearance of porcelain sinks fits into all kinds of interior designs, from more traditional to homes through to the extremely modern styles. Its adaptability is one of the reasons why this particular sink material is so popular. Not only that, but this material can be easily moulded into different shapes, so you don’t have to worry about opting for a less desirable shape and style.

Of course, there are also some drawbacks when it comes to choosing a porcelain bathroom sink. Firstly, they aren’t as easy to clean as other material options – watermarks and other debris can easily cling to the porcelain if left to dry onto it, and scrubbing with an abrasive pad could cause permanent damage. Another drawback is that porcelain is not as durable as some of the other options, with the risk of chips or cracks if a heavy item is accidentally dropped into it, or if the sink is subjected to extreme temperatures (e.g. changing from scolding hot to freezing cold).

Porcelain sinks are typically one of the more expensive sink materials on offer, due to their stylish appearance and their popularity. That being said, with good care, you can expect your new porcelain sink to last at least 20-30 years, which could make up for the cost.

Top Tip: Some porcelain style sinks are made mainly from cast iron with a porcelain layer over the top.These sinks are much more durable than the fully porcelain sinks.

Metal bathroom sinks

The second common bathroom sink material is metal, or stainless steel sinks. Although they aren’t as attractive as the classic white porcelain sinks, they do too have their benefits which persuades many homeowners to choose this style and material of sink over others.

These sinks are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes, as the material is very easy to shape and mould into different styles. As such, you should be able to find a stainless steel bathroom sink that fits in with the current characteristics of your bathroom.The material also allows for a deeper and larger bowl to be formed when compared to other sink materials. This is because stainless steel is strong and light at the same time, so homeowners with larger bathrooms might find that a stainless steel sink fits in better than other materials.

Stainless steel sinks are incredibly easy to clean, with the vast majority of dirt and bacteria swept away with a quick spray and wipe over. However, be warned that similarly to porcelain sinks, using an abrasive cloth or metal scourer could scratch your new sink- something to consider when cleaning a stainless steel bathroom sink.

You’ll find that a stainless steel sink won’t fade, stain, crack or chip like other available materials, so you can expect these particular bathroom sinks to last you almost a lifetime, if not more.

Finally, these sinks come at all costs, from budget bargains to lavish luxuries, so whatever your budget, you should be able to find a stainless steel bathroom sink that’s perfect for investing in.

Acrylic bathroom sinks

The final bathroom sink material we’re going to be discussing here is acrylic. Also known as polycarbonate plastic sinks, this particular material was introduced a little later on than porcelain and stainless steel, but it sure has brought about some benefits for homeowners.

Firstly, acrylic can be shaped, styled and moulded into almost any design you could ask for, which makes it an incredibly useful material for some home furnishings such as sinks. As such, you’ll be able to find a vast variety of acrylic bathroom sinks on offer, and you’re bound to discover a sink in this material that’s exactly the style you were looking for.

Acrylic is also much more affordable than the likes of porcelain and stainless steel. This is one of the main reasons why it’s such a popular choice for bathroom sinks. Whether it’s homeowners looking to renovate their entire bathroom or another homeowner on a strict budget, investing in an acrylic sink is bound to shave a few pennies off the overall cost.

On the other hand, acrylic sinks are not as durable as porcelain and stainless steel. They should last you a fair few year with standard use, but if harsh liquids or materials are left in them (such as varnish on paint brushes or drain cleaner), their lifetime could be reduced rather significantly.

They too, like the other materials discussed, are susceptible to scratches when cleaned with a harsh scourer. They can also stain quite easily if they aren’t cared for properly, so if you’re not the biggest fan of daily cleaning, it might be worth looking at the other options.

All in all, each of the different sink materials have their own benefits and drawbacks and, to choose the best bathroom sink material really depends on your own wants, needs and lifestyle. What can be said for everyone, however, is that your bathroom sink material is one of the biggest features of your new investment, so be sure to pay close attention to the best material for you, before making a decision and handing over your money.