Why bespoke furniture could improve your bathroom

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Custom Vanity Units

Space and storage are key words you might associate when contemplating the design or improvement of your bathroom, because more often than not this is the smallest room in the house, but is an essential part of any home.

Bathrooms are often full of large items of furniture; sinks, bathtubs, shower cubicles and toilets, so space and storage are often left at the wayside. Space optimisation in the form of bespoke bathroom furniture is the solution to any space and storage conundrums you might face in the bathroom.

Bathroom furniture that fits your space

Finding bespoke bathroom furniture that has been specifically handmade and custom built to fit in any shaped or sized bathroom is a great idea for those of you wanting to optimise your bathroom space. By sourcing something like a bespoke vanity unit you are making the most of your space with a piece of specially designed furniture that will ultimately open up the room and provide you with more space for yourself.

Toilets and sink units can be specifically designed, built and fitted to adhere to any given room, making the most of any oddly shaped areas that are usually wasted space.

Not only do these bespoke pieces offer you space, but also storage solutions too, helping you to free up floor space and give you and your bathroom a sense of spaciousness and modernity.

Bathroom furniture that fits your needs

Bespoke Vanity Units

As well as offering you space and storage, bespoke bathroom furniture, such as bespoke vanity units, allows for you to choose something practical for you and your bathroom. Be having a piece of furniture specifically designed for you and your needs you are making sure that it is perfect for you and your situation.

Bespoke bathroom furniture can improve your bathroom space tenfold. Ad well as providing you with a unique and aesthetically pleasing piece, bespoke bathroom furniture can also solve any of those pesky space and storage problems.

Aspenn Furniture can create bespoke vanity units, handmade and custom built, to suit any bathroom aesthetic, working to any size specification, with a variety of hard or soft woods from solid oak to painted natural wood, with wooden or marble tops to finish.

All bespoke vanity units are finished and watertight, with painted shelves finished with a hardener mixed in which gels to the wood, and oiled and lacquered finishes which are completely sealed, with top coats added to the vanity units inside and out.

Our bespoke vanity units are the best available in terms of design materials, quality and value for money. Handmade and custom built to last you can design your own bespoke vanity unit today. Choose the sink type, height and width, material, finish and handle type with our specialists and we will deliver your unique piece straight to your door and put it together for you too.

For more information you can visit our website at: www.aspennfurniture.co.uk/type/vanity-units Or call: 01937 843386